2-D Paper Art

Dragon Boat Race
2013, Paper, 18X24 inch
Took about 35 hours to carve by hand.
This abstract Piece is inspired by Duan Wu Jie, a holiday in China where people race the Dragon Boat in memory of a famous poet Yuan Qu from ancient time. When Yuan Qu died, his body was placed in the river as a way to bury. But the local people loved him so much that they didn’t want his body to sink to the bottom. So they raced the boat to create some water flows to keep the body afloat.
Lantern Festival
2013, Paper, 18X24 inch
Inspired by Chinese Lantern Festival, which is a holiday for families to reunite and parents take children to the Lantern Market to shop for lanterns as toys for the night.
Mermaid and the Silk Road
2013, Paper, 18X24 inch
This piece is inspired by the first and only Empress in Chinese history, all the elements in the piece suggested her wisdom and strategies that led to her throne.
Cherry Blossom Festival History
In 1909, Mrs. Scidmore decided to try to raise the money required to purchase the cherry trees and then donate them to the city. As a matter of course, Mrs. Scidmore sent a note outlining her plan to the new first lady, Helen Herron Taft. Mrs. Taft had lived in Japan and was familiar with the beauty of the flowering cherry trees. Two days later the first lady responded with the letter as shown in the paper cutting.
The Hug
Inspired by Gustav Klimt
Smell the Flower
2014, Paper, 18X17 inch
There are two source of inspiration for this piece. First from an 18-year-old cancer patient who said that “You start dying if you stop dreaming”. Second inspiration is from figure-skating artist Yuna Kim’s performance.
Pura Vida!
2015, Tyvek Black Paper
Inspired by the beautiful Tucan Bird in Costa Rica after a trip there.
Love in the Nature
10X10 inch, 2011
Inspired by a lovely couple and their lovely wedding in the nature
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