3-D Paper Art

Untitled, 2015
Voyo Woo, in collaboration with Richard Shipps from Chicago.
Tyvek paper, acrylic on wood. Frame by Voyo Woo.
The Beginning of an End
Voyo Woo. 2015. Acrylic, wood, Tyvek paper. Everything is a cycle if you believe it. I admire your dedication to your belief just as I religiously hope that you are as happy as you seemed.
Just a little burned
By Voyo Woo. 2015.
Acrylic on Tyvek
Inspired by a dish of slightly burned scallops the artist made.
A little her among lots of them
By Voyo Woo. 2015.
Acrylic on Tyvek
Minority VS. Majority. Red VS. Green. Jade VS. Emerald. A little her VS. Lots of them.
Her Aleppo
By Voyo Woo. 2015. 16"X20"
Tyvek on wrapped canvas
Inspired by a documentary my sister made about a Syrian refugee in South Africa. The refugee and his family are from Aleppo.
This is how I remember your smile
By Voyo Woo, 2015, 16"X20"
Tyvek Paper
She's mild, she's wild,
She has a pretty smile
Why, are you here again?
By Voyo Woo, 2015, 35" X 56"
Tyvek Paper
By Voyo Woo, 2015, 36"X28.5"
Tyvek Paper.
Inspired by a photo that Voyo took at the Chihuly Garden and Glass, which she took looking up at the Space Needle through the Glass House sculpture.
The Urge
By Voyo Woo. 2015. 36X24"
Acrylic on Tyvek. 3-Dimension art.
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