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Voyo Woo is an artist based in New York area. Born in a coastal city in Southeast China, she was inspired by the fifteen hundred year old Chinese paper cutting tradition and primarily uses paper as the main medium in her art practice. Woo moved to the United States in 2008, and in 2017 obtained a master's degree in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art New York and London. Her practice has since evolved to include video production and mixed media while investigating the following contemporary issues of the day: immigration, cultural invasion, globalization, minority cultural heritage, technology and modernization.

Artist Statement

I strive to make art that viewers can interact with and feel emotionally involved with. I am fascinated by all kinds of materials, especially the simplest one - paper. A piece of paper is simple, plain and unflattering, but as I start my art process such as bending, popping parts out of the paper, (and with a little help of external lighting), the same piece of paper could project different shapes and reflect a variety of shadows. These paper works project an abundance of illusions which to me evoke emotions and memories. My most recent mixed media creations incorporate photography and video, reminiscent of the mediums I used to explore early in my career as a journalist and video producer. My newest series (2020-21) continues to unpack paper’s undeniable ability to reflect light, movement, form and flow.

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