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My new paper installation features a phoenix, an infinity tunnel, and a wisteria tree, all handcut and crafted out of white tyvek paper. The purple lighting illuminating the installation represents the highest energy in physics and the purple chakra, a powerful energy center crucial to our spiritual growth and connection to the divine. The phoenix symbolizes immortality and resurrection, while the wisteria tree, which blooms in Springtime, symbolizes love, transformation, and the passage of time, all of which resonate with the infinity tunnel behind them. Viewers are invited to step inside the tunnel, which is capped and carpeted by two large mirrors, creating an intimate immersive and ethereal space where they reflect on their connections with the universe, their higher self, and the nature.This experience mirrors the artist's own journey of meditation, which she sought to share with others through her installation. The combination of symbols and colors creates a transformative and deeply spiritual experience for anyone who enters the space.

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