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An Old Story RetoldGroup Exhibit at Sotheby's NY

This installation reflects the decline of Miao embroidery among the youth, symbolized by a mannequin in handcut paper attire. The newspaper signifies cultural invasion, while the video illustrates historical events. The fabric backdrop juxtaposes traditional Miao craft with modern social media logos, highlighting the generational shift and impact of industrialization on traditional art forms.

The video collage can be view here.


My multi-media installation at Sotheby’s NY Staff Exhibit, titled "An Old Story Retold," delves into the impact of modernization and urbanization on minority ethnic cultures in China. This installation features a mannequin adorned in an intricate handcrafted paper cutting ethnic gown and hat, a growing plant made of newspaper from ground to waist, a video collage, and a 20-feet-long fabric with indigo dye patterns incorporating social media logos. It highlights the loss of cultural identity and heritage as younger generations shift away from traditional crafts and customs due to modernization and urbanization. It also talks upon a complex web of China’s Opening reform, one child policy, consumerism, rise of social media such as tencent, weibo, etc. The intention behind this installation is to emphasize the importance of preserving these ethnic cultures and traditions, a struggle shared by all indigenous cultures worldwide. 

My trip to remote ethnic villages in China, and working at the US State Department to connect political influencers with community leaders of indigenous groups in the US and China, have shaped my understanding of the challenges faced by ethnic minorities and indigenous people in preserving their cultural heritage. 

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